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PartsPro is an e-shop for original car parts.

In Lithuania, many auto parts stores sell cheap substitutes and alternatives, but we decided to take a different path – to sell only original parts for cars of the most popular brands. Lithuanians value German cars very highly, so it is not surprising that we focus primarily on the owners of these cars. BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Opel, Volkswagen – the most popular car brands. It is these cars that need original parts that ensure the efficient operation and safety of the car. 

Why original car parts, not substitutes?

The original part guarantees high quality, as it is produced in factories of official manufacturers. Parts are transported directly from warehouses in Germany. Logistics works flawlessly – we receive new goods directly from warehouses in Germany every Monday and Wednesday, so the delivery time for final customers is as short as possible – only 5 business days or even faster.

We are constantly improving our online store and aim to represent other manufacturers so that we can offer our customers the widest possible range of original parts. 

QUALITY – our top priority.

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